Powering the new M-Bus to the Modbus Gateway, designed for up to 32 standard payloads—that is, connected M-Bus slaves—is easy. (Photo: STV)

STV Electronic has introduced its own MGW32 portal with an integrated web server. System integrators can now configure and monitor the assignment of M-Bus slaves to Modbus data points via the optionally password-protected, integrated portal. For the first time, special programs are no longer required for operation. In addition to M-Bus and RJ45 Ethernet, the Modbus to M-Bus gateway also provides an optional RS485 serial interface on the physical interfaces. The Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus ASCII protocols are supported.

Since the Modbus TCP client server protocol can be transmitted without interference over any Ethernet network, and X.509v3 digital security certificates are supported on the protocol side, the new Modbus to M-Bus gateways are suitable – optionally secure end-to-end – load management in facilities With distributed energy meters. Dynamically growing markets, for example, charging station infrastructures in parking lots, smart cities and neighborhoods. Other markets for the Modbus to M-Bus gateway can be found primarily in the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and paper manufacturing industries.

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