• Sky offers you various packages in which all movie, series or sports fans will get their money.
  • In November there are in sky* And Sky ticket * Some great deals not to be missed.
  • Especially exciting in November: you can Sky Q* And Sky ticket * Free test now!

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In November 2021, Sky has great deals ready for you – find all the current deals here sky* And Sky ticket * In a glance. Highlights: If you book by November 15, 2021, you can use Sky Q for free until the end of the year. * And also You can test Sky Ticket for free* – For seven days.

This is what packages from Sky look like

Only a year and a half after the last adjustment to prices and terms, the pay-TV service provider sky* He rearranged his package again. The new entry-level Sky Ultimate TV package includes entertainment content in addition to a Netflix subscription and thus replaces the two existing Sky packages: the Entertainment Package and the Entertainment Plus package. Ultimate TV costs €20.00 per month with an annual subscription, which is the same as the Entertainment Plus package. The goal: Entertainment Plus included a standard Netflix subscription with two parallel streams in HD quality, with Ultimate TV you only get the basic package with one stream in SD quality. If you want to continue using the standard subscription, you have to pay an additional five euros.

These packages are currently available:

  • Sky Ultimate TV (Netflix exclusive) – There you will find the latest and greatest series from Sky and also get a Netflix subscription in SD quality.
  • Cinema Package For movie lovers. You will see the biggest movies and the best classics of all genres out there.
  • Bundesliga package – Sky shows you the Saturday matches of the Bundesliga and all the matches of the second division live.
  • Sports Package – Here you will find the best live sports. You can look forward to the DFB Cup, the Premier League, hockey, handball, tennis, athletics and golf.
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What is Sky Ticket and how does the streaming service work?

If you don’t like Sky Q, you can also choose the alternative, which can be canceled monthly Sky ticket * to use. You can use it to access Pay TV content from Sky without being tied to a contract for an extended period of time. For fans of series, movies and sports, everything your hearts desire is there. Particularly practical: different packages can be combined with each other. So check out which Sky Ticket packages are right for you and which of the following offers is right for you.

These are the Sky and Sky November ticket deals

We’ll tell you how to be in November sky* And Sky ticket * Save money. Our Highlight of the Month: If you get your Sky subscription by November 15th, the fee for the month of activation and the first full month of the contract will not apply. this means, You can use Sky Q for free until December 31, 2021* If you sign up now!

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Sky Entertainment Shows: These are the best shows for series fans

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With the Sky Entertainment + package, you can watch current series and entire seasons on demand. There are many new series to be released in the US and in the original language! In addition, of course, there are exclusive in-house productions of Sky and 12 pay-TV channels (such as the TNT series, Fox and Sky Atlantic). Do you need examples of what to expect? Look forward to the best series like “Babylon Berlin”, “The Wire”, “The Walking Dead”, “The New Pope” or “Westworld”.

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What do the offers look like?

  • Sky Ultimate TV:* If you book by November 15, 2021, the first full month is free, starting from the second month €20.00 per month with an annual subscription, then €25.00 per month.
  • Sky Entertainment Ticket:* Try it free for seven days, then €9.99 per month or 7.49 € per month with an annual subscription

Sky Cinema Shows: The best deals for movie lovers

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Are you a movie buff and/or you don’t have a choice between movies and series? Then you should combine Sky Ultimate TV (or Entertainment Pass) and Sky Cinema! With Sky Cinema, you can watch the latest and most hit movies of the year without ad breaks. You can also choose from over 1000 of the most popular movies in various genres on demand and you can even watch many of them in their original language.

What do the offers look like?

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Sky Sports Deals: These are the best deals for sports fans

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At Sky, you can choose between two sports packages: the Sports package and the German Bundesliga package. With the Sky Sport package, you can watch all the DFB Cup matches individually and in the original Sky Conference and watch Premier League matches. In addition to football, you can also expect hockey, handball, tennis, athletics, and golf. With the Sky Bundesliga package, on the other hand, you can watch all the matches of the Bundesliga on Saturday and all the matches in the second German League live and exclusively.

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At Sky Ticket you can get a Supersport ticket. With a Supersport ticket, you can watch all Saturday’s Bundesliga matches as well as all second Bundesliga matches individually and in conference. In addition, there are all the matches of the English Premier League and DFB Cup, Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Super Cup, all handball Bundesliga matches, the best matches of the National Hockey League, ATP World Tour Championships, PGA Tour and European Tour.

What do the offers look like?

  • Sky Sports Package:* If you book by November 15, 2021, the first full month is free, starting from the second month €20.00 per month with an annual subscription, then €25.00 per month.
  • Sky Bundesliga packages:* If you book by November 15, 2021, the first full month is free, starting from the second month €27.00 per month with an annual subscription, then €32.00 per month
  • Sky Sports + Bundesliga:* If you book by November 15, 2021, the first full month is free, starting from the second month €32.50 per month with an annual subscription, then €40.00 with a monthly subscription
  • Sky Super Sport Ticket Month:* €29.99 per month
  • Sky Ticket’s Premium Sports Year:* €24.99 per month with an annual subscription, then €29.99 per month

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