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Version 1.0.0 in mass gameplay video

Version 1.0.0 in mass gameplay video

eFootball 2022 will receive the 1.0.0 update next week. An extensive gameplay video shows in advance what happened on the lawn.

Next week, eFootball 2022 will be upgraded to version 1.0.0 and thus to the full version with the update. This is accompanied by many changes and improvements. For example, a game mode called “Dream Team” will be presented.

But how does the updated version of ‘eFootball 2022’ go in practice? This is evidenced by an extensive gameplay video posted by VGC. The English-language publication was able to tackle the football game in detail during a preview session and combine the experiences into an 85-minute gameplay video.

New amazing kicks can be seen

VGC He particularly emphasizes “amazing kicks”. They are special shots made when the R2 / RT trigger is pressed at the same time as the Pass, Pass, Cross or Shoot button. While these shots take longer to execute, they are generally more robust and accurate. In the gameplay video, you can learn about the Amazing Kick by the fact that the power bar turns purple instead of green.

“It should be noted that version 1.0.0 looks significantly different compared to the current version 0.9.1, so the poor performance on our part is due to playing the game for the first time and the need to get used to it.” VGC is complementary to video game play.

Last but not least, as previously announced by Konami, improvements include improved defense, passing and shooting controls. So the company decided to change the default button settings to make defense more accessible. In addition, the main combos available in previous versions must be reintegrated into the game.

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More news about eFootball 2022:

You can try everything for yourself very soon: “eFootball 2022” will soon be in the final version. Supposedly the 1.0.0 update mentioned at the beginning After transformation It will be released on April 14, 2022. Konami announced this earlier this week. You can watch the comprehensive gameplay video from VGC below.

More news about eFootball 2022.

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