Eaten Barca Keeper: RTL Correspondent – Der Stegen Snaps on FUSSBALL EUROPA LEAGUE

FC Barcelona’s starting position is better than the players’ game. 1: 1 in Frankfurt Celebrating Eintracht’s victory felt like a failure to guests from Catalonia. For a long time it was difficult to cope with the pressure of the hosts as Barசாa had to endure many anxious moments.

Barca’s keeper Mark-Andre der Stegen was furious accordingly after the game. Asked by RTL reporter Felix Kerner, Anskar Knopf’s fantastic shot, made it 1-0, “Is it consistent?” To.

The goalkeeper of the guests was still one of the best. He agreed: “We know what’s coming. We know that they are very strong physically. We fought here, and then we were left behind. “His team” can and should do a little more. “

Frankfurt coach Oliver Glasner said: “We kept them on the brink of defeat, so we are very humbled. We are incredibly happy with the performance and we are confident of winning at Barcelona.


20 wild seconds
Everything is going wrong with this attack!

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Eintracht keeper Kevin Trap also underscored his team’s confidence: “We will not be preparing for a penalty shoot-out because we want to play for Barcelona so we can move forward immediately.”

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said: “We need to be self-critical. We did not play well, but we got good results. You may lose, but we drew. In the end we can be satisfied with the end. ” The former world-class footballer is banking everything on the Camp Nou factor, where the second leg will be played next Thursday (9pm) in front of more than 90,000 spectators.



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