Home Tech User score drops to 2.0 after correction 1.07 / 1.08

User score drops to 2.0 after correction 1.07 / 1.08

User score drops to 2.0 after correction 1.07 / 1.08

Gran Turismo 7 frustrates many players. The trigger is the current credits thrusters, which are too tight for especially expensive cars. Since another mod, Metacritic has zero points.

“Gran Turismo 7” has not only caused excitement since its release. Criticism is now criticized en masse. However, the technical qualities of the racing game are less critical. Instead, it’s the in-game economy that frustrates players. They believe that the balances paid for successfully completed races are very low.

It should be noted that sufficient credits are paid for regular progression in the racing game. Even with the extensive tuning of the vehicles required for the races that take place in the café, the account is constantly filling up.

Microtransactions should do the trick

It will be problematic for all owners of “Gran Turismo 7” who want to own as many cars or especially expensive vehicles as possible. Since these sometimes cost several million credits, there are only two options: start the races over and over and fill the account with hours of “work”, or invest real money. Several packs are available on the PlayStation Store:

  • 100,000 credits: 2,49 Euro
  • 250,000 credit: 4.99 Euro
  • 750,000 credits: 9.99 Euro
  • 2,000,000 credits: 19.99 Euro

Such mechanisms rarely go well with gamers. Also in the case of “Gran Turismo 7”, it’s a good greeting Since update 1.07by which the amount of compensation for many races was again reduced, there was a lot of criticism, which can not be noticed at least in the Metacritic user points.

What do you think about the amount of public credit payments in Gran Turismo 7?

Gran Turismo 7 currently has a score of 2.0 for users. It’s the lowest Metacritic rating for a game released by Sony so far, although it should be noted that “GT7” is a very successful game that transcends the credits controversy and manages to score with MetaScore 87.

This is what the players say

On Metacritic, players make it clear that their criticism is primarily directed at credits. As one user wrote: “I work 65 hours a week so I don’t have a lot of time to play this game. Which means I don’t have enough time to grind hours to get the coin. After the last update, the developers lowered the returns for some races. How do I Should I buy cars if I don’t get enough money for them?”

Another user writes “Destroyed by microtransactions”. “Although microtransactions isn’t really the right word considering I’ve already spent a paltry $150 on the game. Buying the current five legendary cars would now cost A$550. At this point Polyphony is making fun of their customers. When they talked about a real driving simulator, they didn’t I wanted it to be so realistic that I couldn’t buy these cars…”

More news about Gran Turismo 7:

You can find it on Metacritic Many other user reviewswho make similar criticisms. But online commitment is also regularly criticized. This is how “Gran Turismo 7” was shown last week It can hardly run for more than 24 hoursmaintenance work has been extended.

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What do you think of public payments in Gran Turismo 7? Should players be able to quickly buy all the expensive cars or should getting the legendary vehicles still be something special to work towards?

More news about Gran Turismo 7.

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