Home entertainment TVNOW RTL+ becomes: RTL brings strength with a new brand identity

TVNOW RTL+ becomes: RTL brings strength with a new brand identity

TVNOW RTL+ becomes: RTL brings strength with a new brand identity

TVNOW became RTL +
RTL combines strength with a new brand identity

More info in the show and new brand identity – The RTL family, which also includes ntv, opens up new horizons this summer. The most striking feature is the new logo. Access by top-notch journalists sharpens the profile. The broadcast portal TVNOW has also been given a new name.

From TV station brand to TV, broadcast and audio entertainment provider: With a new (branded) identity, the popular media brand RTL in Europe is oriented into the future. Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, in collaboration with parent company RTL Group, today presented a redesign of its core RTL brand and new design. The comprehensive renewal will consolidate RTL as a leading entertainment brand in Germany and Europe and gradually align with Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s brand architecture. From corporate and station brands to format and audio brands – across all digital platforms. The focus is on the popular RTL brand, which combines its allure and symbolizes positive entertainment and independent journalism as well as inspiration, energy and attitude.

As part of the transformation, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland will operate under the RTL Deutschland name from September, and the fast-growing streaming service TVNOW will be rebranded as RTL+ at the end of the year. The linear TV station RTLplus will be given a new name soon. RTL Deutschland remains a brand association where VOX, ntv and NITRO continue to emerge as successful family members as their brands.

The new multicolored logo from RTL is unique in its diversity of colors in the European media landscape. RTL Television’s innovative Tricolor Rectangular Logo update follows a simple rule: Content defines the brand. The colors of the new logo can be customized to highlight different themes and partnerships in different contexts and thus reflect the diversity of content and people in RTL.

“Scope meets the individual”

The new RTL brand identity was presented to employees, advertisers, partners and journalists today at Screenforce Days, Germany’s largest annual television event. Bernd Richart, CEO of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland said: “As part of our new brand strategy, we are pooling our strengths and transforming Europe’s most popular media brand. We use technologies to individualize our offerings and thus open up attractive future markets. A new and powerful compass, private We are gradually leaving the boundaries of media genres behind and creating an entertainment experience full of inspiration and diversity.”

Stefan Schaefer, Managing Director of Content and Branding Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland adds: “We are driving the RTL brand into the future by reloading it. With a positive attitude, RTL stands for diversity and relevance, for cohesion and sustainability. So we deliver more in terms of positive media and entertainment programming. full of responsibility and joy.

Matthias Dange, CEO of Ad Alliance and Managing Director of Marketing, Technologie & Daten Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland: “Through innovative advertising technologies and data-driven products, we can make our audiences highly individualized and personalized. Digital channels and offerings, this is a very attractive combination for users and advertisers: Maximum reach meets maximum individuality.”

The new brand will begin rolling out in the second half of 2021 at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and RTL Group. The RTL reorganization was jointly developed by the marketing teams of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and the RTL Group with the support of transformation consultant Caroline Seifert. The new design was created in close collaboration between the design team at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland and AKQA, the design and innovation agency (Great Britain/Sweden).

New features in the program

The new brand strategy is accompanied by a new direction for the program. This is how it becomes a TV station RTL Expand the broad range of information for another two hours a day and add top journalists like Pinar Atalay And the Jan Hoover. In addition to the new release of “RTL Aktuell” at 4:45 p.m., there will be another “Explosiv” at 5 p.m. starting August 2. In addition, “Punkt 12” lunchtime magazine will be extended by one hour until 3 p.m. on July 5th. A new news format starts August 16 in prime time – live from Berlin. With a new addition Felix Hut, who is going from Spiegel to RTL, another investigative reporter who is strengthening the field of investigative research, which has so far been largely from “Team Wallraff” coined.

In addition, RTL focuses on more positive entertainment: the broadcaster brings in the famous comedian, presenter, artist, actor, singer, and author hip kirkling Return to the screen. To date, a series with him in the main role and two other entertainment formats for TVNOW as well as RTL and VOX are planned. Serial production will begin this fall.

RTL is constantly developing existing successful shows and expanding family entertainment: there will be a feature on July 16-17 RTL Summer Games New sporting event run by Laura Babendek And the Daniel Hartwich. Over 30 sports-loving celebrities compete in two prime-time live shows. Promises of Star Power in series as part of ‘s fantasy attack TVNOW (RTL +) New series of events HerzogberkFilming began in Munich. In the star-studded comedy among others Heik Macach, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Antje Trau and Felicitas Wall Starring in front of the camera. The series will be available on TVNOW in the fall and then watch on RTL.

Also VOX It has many new features that have the heart and look and very special VOX signature in its bags: from the new peak show “Mälzer & Henssler present!” About the new school experience Anti-racism school and VOX short format updated daily “#VOXVoice” Until “Guidos wedding race” With VOX viewer favorite Guido Maria Kretschmer.

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