The Walney Family: A Shock To Wolney's Sarafina After The Birth!

The Wallenese Family: Shock To Sarafina Walney After Childbirth – “Just Disgusting”

May 24, 2021 at 2:20 pm

Sarafina and Wolney recently became a mother of twins - now she had to see something sad.

Sarafina and Wolney recently became a mother of twins – now she had to see something sad.

Photo: IMAGO / Noah Wedel

It must be one of the most beautiful days in the world but for a while Sarafina and me The birth of her twins was not easy. The 26-year-old gave birth to Monday on May 18th. Tough time on “Wolnes“.

After all, the birth of children was far from calm. So it is a must for the youngest family member Wolnes She was born already in July. However, due to the suspicion of toxicosis during pregnancy, everything had to suddenly pass very quickly and the babies were brought into the world by an emergency cesarean section.

The Wollnys: Disgusting photos appeared on the network

Well it should be Sarafina and me Rest and look forward to spending time with your children. But it seems that the young mother and her husband, Peter, are not allowed to do this.


These are the Wollnys:

  • “The Wollnys – Terribly Large Family” is a bogus documentary that has been broadcast by RTL II
  • “The Wollnys” first ran on January 17, 2011 on RTL II
  • There are two spin-offs from the bogus documentary: “The Wollnys 2.0 – The Next Generation” and “Lecker Schmecker Wollny”
  • New episodes start every Wednesday on RTL2
  • Sarafina is back and finally Wolni again


The 26-year-old shared the video of her friend Kevin Haupt on Instagram. He is on the verge of tears due to disgusting collages popping up on the internet where Sarafina and Peter can be seen with physically handicapped children. This is how a couple’s twins are supposed to be cursed.

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“The Wollnys”: Sarafina clearly – “There are really terrible people out there”

Sarafina writes: “There are terrible people who should be ashamed of themselves !!!! How can you be dissatisfied with your life and make fun of pictures of sick children. Just disgusting.”


More news about Wollnys:


Recently, mother Sylvia Wolney has taken care of her 26-year-old daughter’s social media channel. One of the posts from the 56-year-old was very dear to the heart.

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