The song brought her luck: Valentina Bahdi, who plays Sunny in the series “GZSZ” and even has her own series on TV Now, danced a slow fox to “Sunny” on “Let’s Dance” Friday evening. Bonnie M. and what A. After appearing alongside professional dancer Valentin Lucien, the actress is showered with praise – and earning a full grade 30.

Juror critic Joachim Lambie is sure: “This was the best slow fox in Let’s Dance. Bahadi was a little better than Ella Endlich, who was attributed to the best slow fox until then. The other jurors see it the same. Jorge Gonzales was suffering from Head-to-toe goosebumps, he says, and he described Bahdi’s performance as “perfect.” She looked like a “princess” in her white dress. And Motsi Mabuse was also excited: “first class generous” and “crazy, flowery,” so their comments. The GZSZ actress is also crying.She is very happy.

Valentina Bahdi: “I am far from marriage”

The name “Sunny” seems to be in favor of the 26-year-old – whether as a song in a choreography that leads to 30 points, or as a role name in the RTL series that my people subscribe to a lot, as she did before telling her dance in the soloist. ” Fashionable. ” But when it comes to men’s tastes, the two are different, she says. “I am far from marriage, I am very freedom-loving for that.”

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