Home entertainment Helen Fisher loses overview in TV Duel at first

Helen Fisher loses overview in TV Duel at first

Helen Fisher loses overview in TV Duel at first

On Saturday, Helen Fisher participated in the ARD show “Small vs. Big.” In the face of a huge fan, the queen of pop quickly reached her limits – and even lost track of things.

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Who can properly identify more Helen Fisher songs after a second? The ten-year-old pop singer and Julia faced this task in the first part “Small vs. Big – The Incredible Duel”.

“I know all the songs of Helen Fisher by heart, I can only determine each title by one second, and I am better at it than the translator herself,” said the young fan, who was twice on stage at Fisher’s concerts. In front of the cargo hold. And when her big moment came, Julia was also right. While the young challenger was always quick to pick up the right songs, Fisher actually encountered several minor issues.

Helen Fisher reassuring: “What is this?”

Her old songs in particular are “a big challenge” with around 125 songs and Fisher is “highly respected” for the task ahead. Accordingly, she was able to identify some of the pieces very quickly, but then had to think about others. In the “phenomenon” I got big eyes. “What was that?” Fisher asked himself. And he wanted to hear the second syllable again. “I’m really crazy about it,” she admitted, but then wrote it correctly.

At first she wasn’t sure about Mitten im Paradies either. “I really don’t know at the moment,” she had to admit, “our day” and was wrong in her hint, “You caught me and let me fly.”

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In any case, not all viewers were excited about the 37-year-old’s performance on Saturday night. Some have complained about Helen Fischer’s constant presence on German television. In fact, the “breathtaking” singer is now on ZDF for “Wetten, dass..?” And a documentary on their new album, Saturday 1 in an exclusive and now also primetime ARD.

“Can’t Helen Fisher be pregnant and sit in front of the TV with a smile instead of being pushed through all the channels and formats by her PR department?” on Twitter.


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