Schlager star Michael Wendler has been wanted under an arrest warrant in Germany since Tuesday. A judge from the Dinslaken District Court applied because the singer did not appear in court himself during his trial for aiding and abetting foreclosure.

Michael Wendler is wanted under an arrest warrant. This was requested by a Dinslaken County District Court judge on Tuesday. The reason is that the singer did not appear in court on charges of aiding and abetting foreclosure in a contravening unit with bankruptcy in two cases.

to me “picture” Wendler filed a request on Monday evening to be represented by a lawyer in court and issued a power of attorney for his legal counsel. The judge and the prosecutor made it clear at the start of the trial that they would insist on the singer’s personal presence.

Judge applies for arrest warrant against Michael Wendler to skip trial

When Wendler did not appear, the judge took action and applied for an arrest warrant against the successful star. Wendler’s attorney filed an objection, but it was unsuccessful.

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In theory, there is now a possibility that Wendler, who lives in Florida with his wife Laura, will be deported from the United States. However, there is still no date for the upcoming negotiations.

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