Home entertainment Jan Hoover, candidate for “Let’s Dance,” is completely different – stars and fans surprised: “Fountain of Youth”

Jan Hoover, candidate for “Let’s Dance,” is completely different – stars and fans surprised: “Fountain of Youth”

Jan Hoover, candidate for “Let’s Dance,” is completely different – stars and fans surprised: “Fountain of Youth”

He’s actually known as Mister Tagesschau, but now Jan Hofer has apparently discovered new sides of himself through Let’s Dance.

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Jan Hoover became known as the former Tageshaw spokesperson with serious demeanor. But now the “Let’s Dance” filter shows that it can do something completely different.

  • As a former “Tagesschau” spokesperson, Jan Hoover has provided news on ARD for many years.
  • However, the presenter has now switched to RTL in the “Let’s Dance” format.
  • It seems like the choreography show suddenly awakened completely different aspects in the serious TV star.

Cologne – boring, cute, and dangerous – is probably about the image you should embody as a news anchor. On the other hand, they can be cool, cheeky, fast, traits that one associates with dancers – especially when they put a quick dance on the floor. Jan Hoover is someone who’s important now to unite both sides: the former “Tagesschau” boss is currently on stage for “Let’s Dance” and seems to be playing Rock’n’s voice on his latest appearance. “He completely reinvented the classic baseball roll. The 69-year-old surprised everyone with his completely different look.

“Let’s Dance” star Jan Hofer surprises her in a new live show with a completely different look

Swap out a suit and tie for jeans and a leather jacket – that’s what Jan Hoover likely had in mind when he wore brand-new outfits for his latest “Let’s Dance” show – at least for him. For his interpretation of carrion, a Latin dance similar to rock and roll, the “Tageshaw” legend dared to take on a new role he may not have been known yet. And suddenly, there wasn’t much left of the smart news anchor when the ARD star was suddenly spotted with big energetic Elvis and ripped denim pants.

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Fans of Jan Hofer are excited about the former “Tagesschau” star’s new outfit

After the observer only had to look twice, Yan Hoover’s new look obviously inspires everyone. “Cool outfit”, his fans on Instagram praised the changing look of the former news anchor, who always dressed so elegantly, in astonishment. Hoover, didn’t know you could dance without a tie !! , For example, a user writes on his Instagram account, while the viewer has already noticed that it is weird even to address him as “Mr. Hoover” when he looks casual in jeans. It almost made sense that someone else would receive the former ARD star “Hey bad boy” just for fun.

His teammates on Jan Hofer’s song “Let’s Dance” praised their new rock costume

And his colleagues on “Let’s Dance” are very fascinated by the new aspects of Jan that are almost always young. For example, Uma Obama wrote of an image in Hoover’s Insta Story showing him wearing a mask: “Let’s dance like a fountain of youth. Jan looks like a young spring.” Rorik Gislason is also excited about the new look and says, “Jan has never looked better than ever.” Went on. “

But even if television is a visual medium and the appearance of dance is also important in a certain way, good looks alone are not enough to make progress on Let’s Dance. After all, this also requires enough crowd calls and enough jury points. By the way, you can always read if Jan Hofer was able to enjoy all of his afterlife or whoever had to leave the TV dance competition after all. (lros)


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