The pop star suffers from a neurological disease

Because of his increasing forgetfulness, Jürgen Drews checked and tested for dementia himself. Result: negative. But something else was found in the pop star.

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Jürgen Drews turned 76 in April, and now states in an interview that he often has memory problems. His forgetfulness has increased in recent years: “Of course it increases with age. Everything that does not interest me immediately disappears. I once said among my colleagues: I think I’m going crazy,” said the music star Bild.

“Often I don’t even know where I am”

The reason for Druze’s assumption: sometimes he doesn’t speak to him terms, names and places, then he needs a keyword and only then the memory will return. “When my driver takes me somewhere, I often don’t know where I am.” However, this was no longer particularly important to him. However, he went to see a specialist.

Regarding this, Drews stated, “I had a neurologist’s dementia test. I wanted to know if I was at risk for the disease.” His mother had also developed signs of this brain disease in her old age. But Druze could breathe a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, my suspicions weren’t confirmed.” But the singer of the “King of Mallorca” was diagnosed with a neurological condition: the so-called “peripheral neuropathy”. “Nerves don’t do what they’re supposed to,” Drews explains. Because of that, he became a little shaky on stage.

“Jürgen Drews from the past will no longer exist,” Drews explains. He can’t say how long he’ll be partying: “I used to go on stage to prove myself. I wanted to process my fears this way.” Today it is no longer needed. “If I stop, I’m leaving,” Drews says.

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