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Bushido responds to Kashmo’s exposed video

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A few moments ago, the video went live on the Internet, which Deutschrap has been talking about for 24 hours. Cashmo has announced that she wants to expose the German rapper. It has just been revealed that this rapper is Bushido.


Just minutes after thousands of people watched the video, Bushido has now spoken out. The 42-year-old comments on the video, which is said to be from 2004 to 2005. In his statement, the rapper plays open cards and confirms the authenticity of the recordings:

“What was shown there really happened. And it was definitely part of my lifestyle, my rap style, my lifestyle—whatever you want to call it—at the time. It was for these parties and girls.”


Then he goes to court with himself and explains that he actually treated women that way at the time. Although he never hid it and even sang songs about his previous lifestyle, his behavior since then has not been good.

Instead, he apologizes to the girl and all the other women for his behavior. In his opinion, it is important even to reveal such processes in the German rap scene. In this sense, it welcomes the fact that Kashmo has “exposed” him.

The way they treat this girl and women in general is completely wrong. of course not. At the time, that was the only way I could deal with girls after prom. With a few years under your belt, that’s not good at all. Above all, as a father to daughters (…), I want my daughters when they grow up (…) that your children, your daughters and my daughters do not collide with people like me. As I was at the time.”

Here you can see Bushido’s answer

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