Duchess Meghan: So it's about her friendship with Jessica Mulroney

Jessica Mulroney + Herzogen Megan
Mutual Friend Reveals: This Is How Their Friendship Is About

Jessica Mulroney and Duchess Meghan

Jessica Mulroney and Duchess Meghan

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Duchess Meghan gave a yes to Prince Harry in May 2018 – since then, the former actress’s life has changed 180 degrees. One she’s always been able to count on is Jessica Mulroney. But is this still the case?

Duchess Meghan, 40, met Jessica Mulroney, 41, ten years ago at ‘Suits’ in Toronto – and the two women instantly hit the spot and share a passion for yoga, dogs and fashion.

Duchess Meghan: Her husband shouldn’t be a fan of her best friend

At one point, Megan officially appointed PR expert Jessica as a fashion designer, and together, the two powerful women became more and more famous. Meghan is said to have made a number of contacts thanks to husband Jessica Ben Mulroney, 45, son of the former Canadian prime minister. Then the star of the series met Prince Harry, 36, and suddenly appeared on the covers of world newspapers. And Jessica? She stayed loyal to Meghan and planned her wedding with her in Windsor. In return, their twin sons Brian and John, both 11, were allowed to play Pages for Mom. Daughter Isabelle, 8, flowers scattered.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

A lot happened after that: Meghan and Harry quit senior royals, fled to Canada and finally to Montecito. Harry is said to be not a big fan of his wife’s best friend, “taking up a lot of space” during her time on Vancouver Island.

Jessica Mulroney: “Just because it didn’t happen on Instagram…”

The Sussexes now live in California, away from Mulroney, who lives with her family in Toronto, Canada. As in the past, the two friends can no longer see each other. The fact that influencer Sasha Exeter was racially offended by Jessica Mulroney and made serious accusations publicly wasn’t good for the relationship between the two former best friends either. Meghan is said to have cut off contact with Jessica during this time.

But in the meantime, the two women have pulled each other together, a mutual friend of Meghan and Jessica revealed to the Daily Mail. “Meghan is in regular contact with Jessica,” the insider says. “Now it’s hard to be in California and Jessica is in Toronto.” Jessica Mulroney only tells the British newspaper, “Just because it didn’t happen on Instagram doesn’t mean it won’t.”

Source used: dailymail.co.uk


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