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Embarrassing glitch in first appearance

Embarrassing glitch in first appearance
Since the first appearance of the new season "The Voice Kids" There was a disturbing incident.

Already in the first appearance of the new season of “The Voice Kids” there was a disturbing incident.Photo: dpa / Claudius plow

The start of Season 10 “The Voice Kids” on Saturday 1 started very unfavorably. At the anniversary show, Smudo and Michi Beck sit on the double jury chair, and Alvaro Soler, Lena Meyer-Landrut, and Wincent Weiss complete the cast. Each wants to achieve similar success with his stepson as previous participants such as Mike Singer, Lukas Rieger or Zoe Wees, some of whom have already started internationally with their music.

But the coaches should try to get the kids on stage in blind auditions in the first stage of the show. Highlight: You only hear the voices of young candidates. If they wish, they can click the bell and then the jury’s chair heads to the stage. In the exact process, there was an incident that caused a brief confusion.

The swivel chairs for The Voice Kids coaches become independent

On Friday evening, seven-year-old Tyler got things started. He sang Sinatra’s hit song “New York, New York” and soon Smodo and Michy Beck pressed the bell. The swivel chair began to move, causing both the members of Tyler and Fanta 4 to rejoice.

But then the fatal error occurred: the coach’s chair simply returned to the starting position. And it shouldn’t stop there: Wincent Weiss was also upset and actually wanted to see Tyler perform and not only hear him, but his chair didn’t move at all. Only when the other coaches, Alvaro and Lena, decided to turn around, did it finally work.

However, the candidate was less impressed by the bewildered coaches, he bravely continued to sing. Mitchie Beck praised him directly and explained:

“We’ve turned around for you twice, and we’ve been turning around a third time.”

Wincent Weiss, Smodo, Lina Meyer-Landrut, Mitchie Beck and Alvaro Soler make up this year "The Voice Kids"- Jury.

Wincent Weiss, Smodo, Lina Meyer-Landrut, Mitchie Beck and Alvaro Soler form this year’s jury for The Voice Kids.Photo: dpa / André Kowalski

Despite the brave transformation, he chose Tyler and Vincent Weiss. Other coaches now have to deal with a strong opponent.

According to the moderator, Lena Meyer-Landrut is a famous baby trainer

In fact, it’s almost surprising that the nominee finally decided on Lena Meyer-Landrut, who returns as coach in 2022 after a year-long vacation. The mediator Thore Schölermann raised them in an interview with “pictureHe emerged as the most popular jury member among children:

“Kids love her. For kids she’s an idol and it’s always good to see kids’ eyes light up when they see Lena. Kids get shocked when they see Lena.”

Lena Mayer-Landrut inspires the nominees "The Voice Kids".

Lena Meyer-Landrut inspires the nominees for “The Voice Kids.”Photo: dpa / André Kowalski

Meanwhile, it must be time for the 30-year-old to win “The Voice Kids” herself. So far, only one of its subjects has won, 13-year-old Noah Levi-Kurth in 2015. If the swivel chairs are to reliably rotate during blind tests in the future, nothing should stand in the way of a fresh attempt.


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