Bank cards as we know them are being phased out

The correct bank card belongs to your own account, regardless of whether it is from Deutsche Bank, Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken, savings banks or other financial institutions. But changes are imminent for the well-known bank card.

Sparkasse, Volksbank and Co.: This is what the cards will soon look like

Mastercard, the payment service provider behind billions of credit and debit cards to bank accounts worldwide, will be over the next several years. Change the small plastic cards. You must adapt to the present – this will be seen. Because in 2024, the obligation to apply magnetic tape will decrease (source: Master Card Credit Card).

The reason: the black tape on the back of bank cards has simply become superfluous. When, decades ago, customers’ real-time liquidity could be virtually checked when they first shop, it was a fundamental innovation. There are now faster and safer ways.

Consumers will not feel the difference

For most consumers, the lack of the narrow black stripe on their bank card is the reason No difference. The embedded RFID chip has long taken over the functionality of magnetic stripe – and has opened up many new options for identification and payment.

subordinate RFID-chip It allows, among other things, to pay without having to insert the bank card into the reader. The chips using the same technology also ensure that smartphones can make contactless payments using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Also as these are becoming more common, MasterCard’s decision is a logical one. After MasterCard-issuing financial institutions no longer have to implement magnetic strips from 2024, but are still allowed to do so, that will end by 2033 at the latest. cute – good From 2029 no new cards will be issued with stripes, After 4 years, all old stocks will also be replaced.

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Mastercard offers an exception in the USA. There, the magnetic stripe requirement will not fall until 2027. Prepaid cards that users can top up with credit will be exempted from the changes in the USA.

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Is the end of bank cards in sight?

If Mastercard had its way, as one of the world’s largest debit and credit card payment service providers along with Visa, we would still see bank cards in everyday life after 2033. Only cards from Sparkasse, Volksbanken and Co., Ltd. It looks a little different. As long as the new mobile payment systems rely on the card, Maybe this will stay with us. If this is no longer the case, the future of the bank card is also likely to be uncertain.


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