Frankfurt (other) – sometimes not without a certain comedy, like her
The ECB greats are still confused and compelled when it comes to the digital euro
Confirmation that no decision has yet been made to introduce this yet
But everything is just exploring and testing. Officially this is true of course.
But in fact, the decision seems to have been made a long time ago. The pressure is too great
EU policy, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde’s statements are very clear
& Co. Despite all the verbal contortions on the part of the European Central Bank – the will of the digital euro

According to the European Central Bank, citizens can already use a digital euro within five years
I own an e-wallet. However, this timeline currently appears to be very ambitious. The
Sweden’s example also illustrates: Riksbank as the leader in Europe
Digital central bank money is not making rapid progress with e-krona as it is
thought. The delay isn’t a drama either. There is no doubt that there is a lot to talk about
For digital central bank money and the digital euro: last but not least, it works
About securing access to central bank money and
To prevent the influence of foreign digital currencies, but the most private.
But it sure at least has to be done right.
Care before speed.

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