Wall Street Insider: Insights: Exciting Investment Moves from Wall Street Legend Bill Ackman

Surprise buy and sell: What shares did Bill Ackman own in the Pershing Square Capital hedge fund portfolio in the first quarter of 2022. Ideas!

Fund manager Bill Ackman is required to make his hedge fund portfolio Pershing Square Capital Management transparent to the Securities and Exchange Commission via the popular Form 13F.

Bill Ackman invested in these stocks – listed by value – in the first quarter of 2022:

1. Lowe’s Companies – No change in the leading company by value at the end of the first quarter: 10,207,306 hardware store shares in the hedge fund portfolio.

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill – Unchanged: 1,114,725 Chipotle shares in Ackman’s trustee.

3. Hilton Worldwide – Five Hilton Center Sale! 9,952,287 left in warehouse.

4. The Howard Hughes – No changes; A total of 1,361,644 shares.

5. Restaurant Brands International – Position down slightly by 0.3 percent (total of 23,864,631 shares)

6. Netflix – New in the Ackman Warehouse! In total, he now owns 3,109,965 shares of Netflix.

7. Domino’s Pizza – 1.2% of the site sold; Now 2,068,031 domino shares.

8. Canadian Pacific Railway – Purchase of 130512 shares. Now 2,944,259.

Author: Laura Earhardt, Wall Street: Central Editorial Office Online

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