2nd Bundesliga |  Exit: Conflict in Dresden: Dynamo and FCK await “final match”.

Status: 05/24/2022 10:00 am

The final match of the battle for Division 2: Dynamo Dresden and 1. For FC Kaiserslautern, everything is in danger in the second leg game.

Dirk Schuster and his team, inspired by 1,000 fans in the final workout, once again soaked up Bedsenberg’s energy. At Saxony, on the other hand, everyone was already looking forward to the final in their own “hell”. Everything is in danger in the second leg, which was pushed to Dynamo Dresden and 1. FC Kaiserslautern at Rudolph Harpic Stadium.

After 0-0 in the first leg, the fight for the second leg is fully open. It’s over now Tuesday (live listening and ticking from 8.30pm) Falling at home is clearly seen as an advantage for the second division team. “Now that we’re playing in front of our arch and our fans, it’s really burning there,” declared Dynamo captain Tim Nipping. Coach Curino Cabretti is also adamant that the team “finds the loudest, best environment”, “the boys need it”.

“30,000 against you,” Schuster expects.

But FCK coach Schuster did not want to be disturbed by this during the promotion process: “There is nothing sweeter than having 30,000 people in the stadium against you and then proving to these people that you can hurt their team as well.” The third division team did not win in the first leg, but there were no real chances of scoring on either side.

There is no way to win now – if it is to be, on penalty. “Extreme stressful situations that you could not have imagined before in training,” Schuster said. This should be prevented as much as possible on both sides of the lottery and Dresden.

Dynamo promotes starting position. “To survive in Betzenberg in the presence of nearly 50,000 fanatical fans must feel like a victory after our long series of games have not been won,” the Saxon newspaper Nipping was quoted as saying. But the perceived victory will not be enough – and the Saxons have yet to manage a real one in a competitive game this year. However, according to Nipping, the dynamo “makes it clear in our hell on Tuesday” using the newly inspired self-confidence.

Cabretti wants more crime and danger

Cabreti has already indicated that his team is ready to “take a big risk”. FCK wants to prepare as much as they can for this sold-out witch’s cauldron, and on Monday morning the team went to Dresden. But support from a distance is definitely there: the entire Fritz Walter Stadium will be rooted in public view.

Although the Red Devils are in danger of returning to the second division after four years, Schuster sees the “massive pressure” on the opponent as “a high quality club”. The 54-year-old, who took charge of the team two weeks ago, wants to “approach the task with a certain dedication”. The following applies to FCK: “Full concentration in the 90s, perhaps 120 minutes or more.”

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