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Pioneering project for electric mobility

Jun 2, 2022 3:16 pm | Kathryn Weigl

CTEK Car Parking Charging Solutions Stockholm
P-hus Hagastaden is the seventh car park in Stockholm where 100 per cent of the parking spaces are equipped with electronic charging stations.

Charging solutions manufacturer CTEK provides more than 1,000 charging points for its new multi-storey car park in the urban development district of Hagastaden in Stockholm. The new multi-storey car park with most charging stations in Europe could be a role model for German cities.

Swedish provider of freight solutions CTEK It is partnering with the municipal parking company Stockholm Parkring in the largest single project in Europe for electric vehicles. After nearly eight years of construction, the multi-storey car park in the new urban development area of ​​Hagastaden has opened and 800 of the planned 1,000 charging points have come into operation.

With 6000 new apartments, Hagastaden is one of the largest urban development areas in Stockholm and offers more than 50,000 jobs. The 550-meter parking area is the seventh multi-storey car park in the city where 100 percent of the parking spaces are equipped with electronic charging stations. The car park is completely underground and consists of three floors where residents and visitors can park.

Each parking space is equipped with a CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2 EV charger, powered by CTEK’s Nanogrid Dynamic Load Management solution to avoid grid overload. The plan is to have the entire project completed by 2026. Stockholm Parkering has invested around 67 million euros in building an innovative multi-storey car park and more than 2 million euros in freight infrastructure alone.

The city of Stockholm plans to install more than 100,000 new charging stations for electric cars in all car parks in the city center and in the suburbs by the end of 2030. According to the plan, a public charging station will be available to 16 residents of the Stockholm region, with a population of 1.6 million.

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By comparison, there are currently around 52,000 publicly available charging points in Germany, 1,700 of which are in Berlin alone. If the capital installed charging points at the same rate as Stockholm, the city would need about 237,500 charging points for its 3.8 million residents by 2030. This is nearly 118 times the nearly 2,000 planned charging points the city is targeting between 2022 and 2030.

With expertise from Sweden, CTEK also wants to participate in Germany in the future in order to achieve the government’s ambitious goal of having around 15 million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2030.

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