Using the same mRNA technology used to combat Covid-19, the researchers successfully passed preclinical tests.

While Lyme disease (also called Lyme disease) affects 50,000 people in France, and this tick bite causes fever, rash, headache, muscle and joint aches, but also a great deal of fatigue.

A real disaster, France is not immune, but a team from Yale University has found a preventative solution to stop it with a messenger RNA vaccine, Courrier international explains. Very promising results have been revealed on guinea pigs.

Very promising results

The vaccine (19ISP) “trains” the immune system to recognize tick saliva; Then all that remains is to “attack the area” before pathogens can bite the infected patient.

Another pathway is also being developed by American researchers at Northeastern University in Boston. Their study, published in the journal Cell, showed that the antimicrobial (hygromycin A) would treat the infection, avoid complications, and cause no side effects. The molecule effectively eliminates infection in mice by oral administration, with little effect on the gut microbiome. These properties make hygromycin an attractive candidate for antibiotic development for targeted therapy of Lyme disease, the researcher emphasized.

In conclusion, Eric Kaumes, Head of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Pitié-Sapêtrière Hospital in Paris, tries to reassure: “Not all people who have been bitten by a tick develop Lyme disease, since only one species of tick, out of hundreds of species, is affected, and it is also necessary for that tick to be infected, and to be in sufficient contact with the host to be able to do so. to transfer bacteria to them“.

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