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The Kiel Theater dedicates an entire weekend to one of Germany’s most highly performing contemporary authors. And it was all there: a play, an opera, a reading, and even a Christmas fairy tale.

A scene from the play "The rift across the world" in Kiel.  © screenshot

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by Jens Zakaria

“Welcome back. Thank you for getting out of here, thank you!”
This is how the premiere of “Der Riss durch die Welt” begins. And so begins the weekend at Kiel Roland Schimmelpfennig on Friday evening.

A young artist and her boyfriend are invited to the gorgeous mansion of a wealthy couple on Mt. It is about the gap and the silence between the rich and the poor. An unusual piece because it is not told chronologically, many scenes are repeated as if someone had hit the pause button, everything stops abruptly and the actors become narrators.

New subtexts of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”

Selfie by Roland Schmelpfennig © dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Photo: Jan Woitas

My voice: Interview with Roland Schimmelpfennig (55 min)

For director Ulrike Maack, this is the typical style from Schimmelpfennig, which is repeated the next day at the world premiere of “The Magic Flute”: “This is in almost all pieces, the way it envelops a drama. There are always descriptive parts, and once and for all.” Others move back to the short dialogues, to the dramatic scene.”

Roland Schimmelpfennig rewrote the subscripts for the premiere Magic Flute and sees the audience twice. As with Papageno, there are two actors for each character. Opera singer Samuel Chan takes over the voice part of Papageno and actor Marco Gibert in the new script: “I think we’re not two people at all. We’re one — we’re a Papageno character who has different sides,” he says.

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New perspectives on the stage for the audience

Kiel General Manager Daniel Karasek is excited about Roland Schimmelpfenning and has brought the author to Kiel. For Karasek, it’s time to recreate the subtext of the magic flute: “You don’t really touch the opera. I think Roland was really born for something like that, because he works with such love. It doesn’t destroy anything. And I also noticed that while working: the actors They simply enjoy it.”

In a reading from his current novel The Line Between Day and Night, Roland Schimmelpfennig will appear on stage a day later and show all his wordsmithing. Schimmelpfennig agrees that his pieces, radio plays, libretti, and essays are a kind of fictional pick-up station: “This too is a challenge. The viewer is not shown a completed sheet, but is given fragments, pieces of mosaic, which he can and must then assemble himself.”

‘It’s crazy’: Schimbabweig excited for the weekend

Daniel Karasik and Roland Schimpfennig were also thinking of children at Christmas time. However, the author gave the brave tin soldier Hans Christian Andersen a better fate than in Andersen’s fairy tale, as he himself says. In the end, the dancers and soldiers don’t end up in the fire.

For Roland Schimmelpfennig, this third weekend was a special experience and a wonderful vote of confidence in the Kiel Theater: “It’s crazy and it affects me a lot.” The crowd was also excited for this weekend.

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Selfie by Roland Schmelpfennig © dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Photo: Jan Woitas

According to playwright Roland Schimmelpfennig, what an epidemic does to you is for the sake of art. more

Mengqi Zhang (as Papagena) and Jennifer Böhm (as Papagena) at the Kiel Theater © Olaf Struck

Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute” comes on stage in Kiel with a completely reformed script by Roland Schimpfennig. more

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