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HomescienceIncreased risk of antibiotic resistance

Increased risk of antibiotic resistance

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  • Posted on 10/06/2021

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    Traveling abroad: Increased risk of antibiotic resistance

    According to a study, international travel affects the gut microbiota and increases the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    If you are traveling abroad this summer, Watch out for super bacteria : In a study published on June 7, 2021 in the journal Genomics, US and Dutch researchers warn that international travel has an effect on our gut microbiome and can make us tell Antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

    Common antibiotic resistance

    To arrive at this finding, they analyzed the stools of 190 Dutch travelers before and after they had visited parts of Asia – the south and southeast – and Africa – the north and east. Thus, the researchers were able to observe that the travelers presented upon their return.A large amount“Antimicrobial resistance genes, particularly common antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones for the treatment of ENT infections, for example.

    These findings clearly show that international travel risks spreading antimicrobial resistance around the worldSaid Alaric D’Souza, co-author of the study. As the French Public Health Authority explains, antibiotic resistance “Consistent with the fact that antibiotic therapy is no longer effective in bacterial infectionsIt’s becauseImproper useAntibiotics, especially when given repeatedly to humans or animals: Antibiotics no longer kill the bacteria responsible for the infection, so these resistant bacteria can become dominant and prevent healing.

    Antibiotic resistance ‘threatens 70 years of progress’

    According to the researchers, antibiotic resistanceThreatens 70 years of progress in treating infectious diseases“.”It is critical that we tackle antimicrobial resistance in low-income countries, with high rates of resistance and low public health budgetsand Alaric D’Souza added. This international approach will not only help the countries involved, but may also benefit others by limiting the international spread of resistance genes.

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    In 2015, in Europe, there were more than 670,000 infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and in France, the same year, 5,500 deaths were attributed.

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