The man suffers from

In Tokyo, a Japanese man who tested positive for Covid-19 announced a new symptom: Anal restlessness syndrome. It can say a lot about the health consequences of the disease even after recovery.

anal restlessness syndrome

The 77-year-old was taken to the University of Tokyo Medical Hospital to receive treatment for Covid-19. But after recovery, the man developed new symptoms. He suffered from insomnia and anxiety which prompted him to seek medical help again. They then announced that he suffers from “anal restlessness syndrome”. “Several weeks after his release, he is gradually starting to feel Deep anal discomfort And restless, about 10 cm from the perineum”, then referred to his physician, Dr. Itaro Nakamura.

Then he explained that the man needed Move to feel better And that the discomfort worsens when resting. The Japanese were already relieved when they ran, but in the evening, when they went to bed, the symptoms worsened. Prior to this man, she had not announced or published any other “anal restlessness syndrome” on the list of Covid-19 symptoms.

nervous system affected?

If the doctor wants to be reassured by saying: “The neurological findings, including deep tendon reflex, loss of sensation and spinal cord damage in the perineum, did not reveal any abnormalities,” This syndrome could reverse the impact of Covid-19 On the nervous and psychological state former patients. In fact, doctors have linked this symptom to restless legs syndrome, a chronic disorder that results in an uncontrollable urge to move the legs.

This is due to nervous system disorders This can also be the case for ‘Restless Anal Syndrome’. So researchers will continue to monitor common neuropsychiatric disorders after recovering from Covid-19. Several cases of delirium have also been observed in recent months.

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