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Tried a lamp streamer for 69 euros

Tried a lamp streamer for 69 euros

250 lumens illumination 2 minutes. read

With the Litra Glow, Logitech is launching a new lamp for laptops and desktops, which is said to be particularly suitable for streaming devices. But what exactly does LED light offer? We have already tried the novelty of Logitech.

January is an exciting time when it comes to new hardware, and Logitech also wants to contribute a portion of it. This month glow liters Shown, which is a lamp for a desktop computer or laptop. The plug and play light is simply activated by USB-C to USB-A cable connected to the device. The Litra can then be attached to your monitor or monitor using the integrated stand arm and its tilt, orientation and height can be adjusted.

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Photo: Logitech

In general, the Litra Glow Five color modes As well as some brightness levels, which can be adjusted according to your own preferences. Users can decide whether to change the settings with the push of a button or via the software. For the program option, the . file Logitech G-Hub App For PC, which then displays the lamp with control options. Color modes or light temperatures range from one Cold shade from blue to yellowish warm light It must ensure proper and balanced lighting in a personal broadcast setup. Logitech hopes this will reduce harsh shadows and face fatigue, improve overall lighting quality and be more enjoyable during longer live broadcasts.

Litra Glow im kurzen Hands-on

But can Litra really live up to its own expectations? Fortunately, we’ve already been able to get a closer look at the new Logitech lamp. Aside from the lamp and brief manual, there is hardly anything in the package. The USB-C to USB-A cable can only be found, attached to the back and then routed down through a cable guide. In general, the cable falls with it 1.5 meters Long enough for a single screen setup, but can be too short for a sprawling setup. In addition, the entire Litra housing is made of plastic High quality He feels and cannot be depressed.

After installation, the flashlight can be turned on at the push of a button and you can choose from individual presets. Actual luster decreases max 250 lumens Very bright as well as different light temperatures provide enough choice. The white spectrum of the lamp 2700 to 6500 K. Moreover, the degree of uniformity of illumination is almost perfect. Last but not least, the height can also be adjusted quickly and easily and the stability can also be satisfied.

Litra Glow starts January 2022 for €69. Aside from home use on a PC, it is easily suitable for use on the go with a laptop or, for example, as a flashlight on a power bank for a purpose other than its intended purpose.


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