Home Tech New Release Released In Play State – Trailer & History

New Release Released In Play State – Trailer & History

New Release Released In Play State – Trailer & History

The state of play began with great fanfare: Capcom used a Sony event to present the long-awaited remake of “Resident Evil 4”.

There has been speculation for a long time, and now the much-anticipated new release is official: the first game in today’s State of Play release was a remake of “Resident Evil 4” by Capcom. After the second and third part, the fourth branch will also be re-released.

The first rumors appeared in early 2020. A little more than two years later, certainty reigns.

M-Two, which now belongs to Capcom, appears to be in charge of the development. This is the development studio that worked on the “Resident Evil 3” edition. The leader is Tatsuya Minami, the former CEO of Platinum Games.

The trailer shows Leon Scott Kennedy and Ganados in the latest graphics. In addition to the protagonist himself, Ashley Graham and Ada Wong, who were also playable in the original, can be seen. Villains Osmund Saddler and Bitores Mendez have also made short appearances.

The scary village and its inhabitants look more terrifying than ever. Later the castle can also be seen briefly. We’ll find out what Capcom has come up with in terms of gameplay later.

High quality in survival horror

Capcom producer Edvin Edso said, “This time the game is being developed to bring the latest quality of survival horror fit for 2023 while maintaining the essence of the original game. We want the game to be familiar to fans of the series, but also feel fresh to play.”

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He continues, “We do this by reinventing the game’s story while keeping the gameplay core, updating the graphics, and bringing the controls to a modern level.”

By the way, it did not stop with the ad announcement. At the same time, the officials announced the release date: the new version of the classic horror movie is coming March 24, 2023 Out of PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC! Furthermore, at the end of the trailer, we learned that VR content is in development.

The first trailer for the new “Resident Evil 4” release:

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