Video showing banned “parallel bars” in horses: allegations of cruelty to animals against Olympic champion Bierbaum – sport

Video showing banned “parallel bars” in horses: allegations of cruelty to animals against Olympic champion Bierbaum – sport

Serious allegations against German riding star Ludger Bierbaum. It is said that the forbidden “pubs” took place on his farm. In this training method, horses are hit on the front legs to make them jump higher. This lies Search by “RTL Extra” And investigative journalist Gunther Walraff is nearby.

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A painful blow must teach the horses not to touch the obstacle. According to the laws of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), this method of training known as “parallel bars” is prohibited and in violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

Reitverband responds to the allegations

FN Secretary-General Sonic Lauterbach said in a statement: “As RTL told us in 2020 and 2021, we take the allegations very seriously. This is exactly why we have carefully analyzed the footage broadcast on Tuesday night and then drawn appropriate conclusions on how to proceed. To be able to make a serious assessment of the facts, all video materials and evidence are required to be provided. So we ask the RTL once again to make this available to us in full.”

The only training technique allowed is what is known as ‘touching’. There is an extra tape in front of the horse’s front legs to encourage it to jump higher. However, active and more painful beating on the front legs is prohibited.

RTL reporter finds suspicious bars

Video recordings from RTL, taken over a two-year period, clearly show an active striking action by Bierbaum’s employees.

An insider close to Bierbaum leaked the recordings to RTL. An RTL reporter then went undercover at Bierbaum’s farm to investigate the allegations. She herself witnessed the forbidden training methods and discovered multi-edged wooden bars, which, according to insiders, were used for “parallel bars”.

Ludger Bierbaum did not respond to a request for RTL. His administration announced a statement to the German News Agency (dpa) as soon as the contribution was verified. Bierbaum is considered one of the most successful show jumpers in the world. He won the Olympic gold medal four times and two world titles.


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