Tina Rowland receives shocking news at the jungle camp

And the actress has been fighting for the jungle crown in South Africa since Friday – safe from the outside world. Now, however, Tina Ruland received sad news on the show, which caused questions in front of the screens.

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Day three at RTL Jungle Camp ended, and as usual, the show ended Sunday night with the announcement of who has to go to the next Jungle Exam. However, the main topic for viewers was not the names of those affected, but Tina Rowland, who clearly resisted tears in the live clip. “You’re not in a really good mood today,” Daniel Hartwich asked the actress.

“I’m not feeling well,” I let out before Sonia Zeitlow stepped in. “I noticed, I’m so sorry,” the announcer turned to Tina. This only caused more question marks for the television audience in front of the screens. Comments piled up worrying on Twitter. “What happened to Tina?” , “Why is Tina so sad?” or “What did Sonia notice?” Users wanted to know.

‘Incredibly sad news’

The answer was on the actress’s Instagram account, to which her friend Regina Halmich takes charge during her absence. There the former professional boxer wrote: “A very sad message I received today. Tina’s friend Astrid passed away yesterday after a long and serious illness. I don’t want to expect anything, but I still want to tell you, because Tina will find out too. “

Halmisch explained that it was her express wish “that she found out in the camp if Astrid’s condition deteriorated.” It is not known how the 55-year-old received the news. It is also unknown if RTL will explain this in the next episode. During the show, the boxer added in an Instagram story: “You realize how strong you are in moments when being strong is the only option.” She also asked the fans: “Tina is still hoping for your support.”

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