Home entertainment 17 years in criticism: Lenny Klum takes a deep look at the magazine

17 years in criticism: Lenny Klum takes a deep look at the magazine

17 years in criticism: Lenny Klum takes a deep look at the magazine

17 years under criticism
Lenny Klum takes a deep look at the magazine

How free to photograph a 17-year-old model? A photo by Lenny Klum is currently causing a lot of criticism. Followers of Heidi Klum’s daughter debate the sexualization of minors and sexism.

Since appearing as a model on the cover of German “Vogue” last December, Leni Klum has been in high demand in the fashion world. The 17-year-old daughter of Heidi Klum has already signed very lucrative contracts with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Chopard and launched her own fashion collection.

Klum also promoted the latest issue of British fashion and culture magazine “Rollacoaster Magazine” on Instagram for two weeks, and graced its cover. For example, you can see her in a pink dress of ostrich feathers or in another pale pink dress while eating ice cream.

In her latest post, her 1 million subscribers can see a photo of Lenny Klum, standing by the sea wearing only a black jacket. The exciting thing about it: The 17-year-old let the dress slip on one side over her shoulder, covering the exposed chest with her hand. Your followers are divided.

‘Excellent’ or ‘sad’?

While influencers like former ‘Next German Supermodel’ winner Stephanie Geisinger post flame icons in the comment column or find the photo “super” and “perfect,” discussions about the sexualization of minors and sexism erupt elsewhere. Many followers agree that the show is “illegal” and “sad”.

One follower writes, for example: “At the end of the day, that’s their job, and because it’s also about the modeling world, it’s part of it, but there’s no excuse yet to be revealing as a minor.” Still others respond to this particular criticism as “sexist”. One user wrote: “The picture looks great and it doesn’t matter if she’s 17 or 20, if she likes it and feels good, it’s all right, I think.”

Lenny comes from her mother’s relationship with former Formula 1 boss Flavio Briatore, with whom Heidi Klum has been in a relationship for about a year. Heidi Klum’s subsequent husband, singer Seal, adopted Lenny. With him, the 48-year-old had three more children: Henry (16), Johan (14) and Lou (12). Heidi Klum has been married to Tokyo Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz since August 2019.

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