TikTok star gets competition - Aldi staff spreads fast
as "sexy aldi cashier" Eileen Victoria became known for her videos overnight.

As a “sexy Aldi cashier,” Eileen Victoria became known for her videos overnight.Image: screenshot

After cashier Aldi Elaine Victoria recently became an overnight star on social media platform TikTok, she is now facing competition from within her ranks.

Eileen Victoria posted a sexy lip-syncing video of Jesse J’s song “Wild” on TikTok in September while she was at the Aldi Store. In a very short time, the beautiful Hamburg woman received numerous clicks on her TikTok post. To date there are nearly 26 million. It even garnered worldwide attention. In addition to the German TV presenter RTL, who learned about them, they called the international media “Hottest cashier ever”. Aldi’s cashier now has nearly 900,000 subscribers on TikTok.

Aldi-Nord employees are based on current TikTok trends

One of her colleagues appears to have been winded by her success. Aldi employee “tekin_tee”, as he calls himself on the social media platform, is now participating in TikTok. He could be Eileen’s successor, because the Aldi-Nord employee from North Rhine-Westphalia has already collected more than 111,000 subscribers.

He allows his community to participate in his daily work at Aldi Nord through funny videos on TikTok. In a good mood, he films himself destroying cardboard boxes, cleaning shelves or making phone calls. Unlike his colleague Eileen, the Bielefeld native is not based on lipsync, but on current TikTok trends. He subtly transfers this to situations in his daily work. For example, he recreates himself in a humorous way Trainees for the exam in the morning Motivated and at the same time angry. or how it feels Arrange the shelves The films and clip are based on an original tune by Geissens “Robert, I want that – no, that’s ugly.” Video title “When a Couple Argue”.

Aldi stays out of social media activities

TikToker mainly collects comments from colleagues who agree with her on the funny situations presented.

Although there are specially created hashtags on social media with #aldimitarbeiter or #teamaldi, the discount has so far stayed away from the social media activities of its employees. Instead, Aldi plays her own channel with funny content. The collaboration between Aldi and the successful employees on TikTok is not yet known.



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