Now Alexander Sverev can get another exciting semifinal match with Novak Djokovic. However, in a Federal Eagle T-shirt on the sleeve, Sverev prepared for his team’s final on Wednesday (Thursday afternoon, reminiscent of games in Tokyo at 2pm, while Djokovic defeated Russia’s Andrei Rublev 6: 3, 6: 2. He finished first in the green team.

Sverev knows he is in danger. “I’m still in competition,” he said before the fight with Harrocks. The system of ATP finals is unusual in tennis. Unlike other matches, players usually say goodbye if they fail, and everything is still possible after the defeat at the end of the year. After Sverev failed again to Daniel Medvedev, victory only serves now. His season ends when Sverre also loses to Harrocks.

After a 3: 6, 7: 6 (7: 3), 6: 7 (6: 8) count against Medvedev, the German number one was very frustrated, but at the same time fought back. So far, the world number three has only won one set against Hurricanes, playing only once. But it did not serve as a criterion for him, it was two years ago and was played on a sand. “He turned out to be a very good player. The competition will be completely different,” Sverev suspects.

Harrocks stunned at the Masters 1000 that year in Miami. He drew international attention when he knocked out Swiss Roger Federer in the Wimbledon quarterfinals this summer – 6-0 in the third set. In the final of the season, the debutant was yet to win. Following a clear defeat against Medvedev, he lost unexpectedly to Italian heir Janic Chinnar 2: 6, 2: 6.

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And the help of Tomalla

The Tokyo Gold Medal gave Sverre a boost this year. He then made only one slip against a player who was placed behind him. Sverev explained that his new girlfriend, actress and presenter Sofia Tomalla also helps him play tennis successfully. He can count on your support. Sofia Tomalla said on Sat1’s Breakfast TV that she knew he could count on her, regardless of whether Sverev lost or won. In Turin, she was (not yet) among the audience in the auditorium on Tuesday. dpa


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