This is why the original T-Rex now has springs

In “Jurassic World 3” we should expect some innovations, among other things there are feathered dinosaurs, including the famous T-Rex.

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With “Jurassic World: A New Era” Giant dinosaurs will be shown for the last time on the big screen right now. Because the third part of “Jurassic World” will end the trilogy. But as the title suggests, the end is also the beginning of a new era. What exactly this means is still in the dark. The waiting time until the start of “Jurassic World 3” was recently shortened with a short introduction.

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You can see in it dinosaurs as they lived 65 million years ago and also the famous dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex From the movies “Jurassic Park”. However, he is here with you small feathers To see what aligns with the current search results, but not with the T-Rex representation in previous movies. Opposite IGN has a manager Colin Trevorrow Now he tells us how to explain the difference:

“I think we have a really good rationale for why these dinosaurs are different from the Jurassic dinosaurs that we know. In that case we show it in your case original home. Frog DNA was not used to bridge the genome. This gave us the opportunity to show dinosaurs with feathers.”

As a reminder: in the “Jurassic” universe, the DNA of most extant dinosaurs was incompletely conserved, which is why the gaps had to be filled with DNA from other animals in order to clone dinosaurs. In the case of the T-Rex, frog DNA was used, which may have resulted in the loss of feathers. You can see what the feathered T-Rex looks like in the introduction to “Jurassic World: A New Age”:

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Director Colin Trevorrow considers T-Rex a superhero

Some new dinosaurs await in Jurassic World: A New Age. These things should be kept a secret, so that the public will be surprised. For Trevorrow, dinosaurs are like the human characters in the movie. Of course, the focus is on the T-Rex:

“It’s one Origin storyMeaning, we might get it in a superhero movie. T-Rex is a superhero to me. It really shows us this great concept that Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park, editor’s note) came up with. The foundation on which all this is built appears in its purest form. As you can see in this introduction, our T-Rex – it’s exactly the same – looks a little different because the gaps in the genome had to be filled. We didn’t want him to be unknown. This is a heroic character that we love and hold dear to our hearts. But it has enabled us to put what really represents 65 million years into Earth’s history.”

So “Jurassic World 3” could be a really unusual part of the Dino franchise that might surprise fans as well. Waiting time until cinema release 9. June 2022 You can shorten yourself with the Netflix animated series Jurassic World: New Adventures.

Are you a big fan of dinosaurs? Then you know for sure what these dinosaurs are called:

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