RTL is planning massive changes!  Soon you will be able to see them everywhere

RTL: Report – Broadcaster Plans Huge Changes – Soon You Can See It Everywhere

The RTL logo won't look like this soon.

The RTL logo won’t look like this soon.

Photo: IMAGO / Horst Galuschka

Red, yellow, blue with white letters. This is how you know the logo RTL. But this should be history soon, as reported by the media magazine “DWDL”. Because RTL She plans to completely rebuild her logo.

Accordingly, the old flags have already been lowered in Cologne and the new ones raised. the new RTLLogo, it will be colorful.

RTL is planning a radical change: you’ll soon be able to see it everywhere

According to the “DWDL”, the new logo will be ceremoniously unveiled at the soon-to-be-start Screenforce Days. Soon there will be no more uniform colors, the logo can appear in all color combinations. Only the white letters “RTL” remained.


This is the RTL:

  • RTL TV has been in Germany since 1988.
  • The television station was created as a branch of “Radio Luxembourg” in German.
  • Among the most popular programs are “Exklusiv”, “Explosiv”, “RTL aktuell” and “Stern TV”.
  • Many entertainment programs such as “Wer wird Millionär”, “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, “Bauer sucht Frau” and “I am a star – get me out of here!” Or “Let’s Dance” is among the station’s big shows


Exactly when the TV logo will be reconstructed is not entirely clear yet, he writes.DWDL‘ Continue. But for now, the look of the company will be renewed. Presumably at the start of the new TV season and accompanying a few new beginnings on the show, the RTL broadcaster will receive this new logo – including the debut of the all-new OnAir. This is probably the biggest design change for an audience since switching from RTL Plus to RTL in the early 1990s,” the media service said. Well, then we’re curious.


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One of the most popular shows on RTL has been “Stern TV” magazine for some time. However, moderator Stephen Halashka recently addressed his audience with very sad news. You can read what happened here.

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