Home Top News Third bankruptcy in a row: Why Schalke 04 refused the training debate

Third bankruptcy in a row: Why Schalke 04 refused the training debate

Third bankruptcy in a row: Why Schalke 04 refused the training debate
Sports Third bankruptcy in a row

Schalke 04 Why deny the training debate

After three defeats, Schalke’s sports director Rouen Schroeder has made a clear commitment to Dimitrios Grammosis. The training ended before the discussion could begin. However, there is one important question that those responsible must answer.

D.His claim was as brief as it was clear. Coach Dimitrios asked Rouen Schrder if there was a debate now about the future of Grammosis. The sports director of Schalke 04 did not think twice and replied in one word: “No.”

Schrder has been in Schalke for more than five months now. He was a busy, but had teaching time behind him. The 46-year-old said he learned one thing quickly: Kelsenkirzen’s mood could change faster than a sports situation. It is dangerous to promote it by publishing a vague statement.

FC Schalke 04 v SV Darmstadt 98 - Second Bundesliga

Something is back at the Royal Blue Cosmos

Source: Getty Images / Lucas Schulz

Therefore, it was initially doubted whether it would even be possible to bring together a competitive team for the second division. Then, after Schrder and sports director Peter Napel succeeded in doing it, the joy broke, as the completely renewed team gradually discovered each other. Suddenly, many fans saw the immediate return of the traditional club to the Bundesliga as an almost premature decision.

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After the 2: 4 home defeat against Dormstad, there can be no question about that. Already in the midst of the third Royal Blue match defeat in a row, there were the first expressions of dissatisfaction from fans – and after the final whistle, the coach was questioned, not just the broadcast television station Sky.

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However, it ignores the topic. The team was first in Haydenheim, then in Munich – the Schalke Third Division from the DFB Cup bid farewell to the TSV 1860 – and is now suffering a neck injury against Darmstadt, but has somehow been priced with this comprehensive game restructuring.

1860 Munich Celebrates Cup surprise against Schalke – Highlights from the video

Third Division 1860 Munich FC Schalke out of the DFB Cup. Stephen Lex shot down the Munich Lions early on. After being eliminated, Schalke will have to play the entire second half of the decade. Highlights in the video.

That was the period of Schalke’s board of directors. Opening new construction sites does not accelerate the path to sustainable stabilization. The top echelon of the club also seems to agree there. On the contrary, it depends on the similarity, so Schrder. “After all, we’ve got out of there again, because one thing is clear: Schalke is alive,” he said.

248225276 (1) _

(Right) Team Member Peter Nabel with Sports Director Rouen Schrder

Source: pa / augenklick / firo Sportphoto / Marcel Engelbrecht

If Schrder had allowed even the slightest doubt about his approach to Gramosis – it would have been hard to keep an already controversial coach among the fans. This would have put pressure on the club.

When is the bonus of Gramosis used?

In fact, Schrder and Nepal must make the decision to weigh. How Long Do You Want to Give Kromosis? The 43-year-old arrived in Schalke in early March. At that moment there was chaos in the club and the team stumbled towards the push. It is absurd to expect all people to take a group with him. His mission only began with the descent.

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The beginning was hard. 16 new players, some of whom had to be integrated after the start of the season. A confusing start. The team was alienated from itself and the new league. Gramosis was hard to convey to her in a dominant style. Until the fifth day of play they had their first home win, beating Dசsseldorf 3-1. The team gradually accustomed itself to the new league domains and climbed to the top of the table. On the tenth day of the competition, Schalke finished third and thought they were sure. Sticking to gramosis seemed to pay off. “A coach has to find his team and learn which buttons to press,” Knäbel told WELT.

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Maybe they would have thought of Schalke, they would have been more – maybe they would have relied. It is worth noting that the team is still struggling to keep the ball – but no opponent has accepted the burden of designing a game from the much-loved Schalke. This again became clear against Dormstad. The hosts tried hard, but could not focus on building the game. Impatience is the biggest enemy: Mistakes call the opponent more or less to the goals. “We played too much with our hearts and thought too little,” Gramos said: “We are being brutally punished for that.” It was a “day to be forgotten”.

The former professional, who will be on contract until the end of the season, will have the opportunity to develop into a true aspirant for promotion. The risk of a coach change is higher than the probability that Gramosis will still have enormous success. By Christmas, however, a flexible positive trend should be seen. Otherwise it should be tight to the gramos.

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