Wentz's struggle continues - and raises questions for the ponies

The Philadelphia Eagles got fed up because they got kicked out there by Galen Hurts – so he switched to the Indianapolis Colts. But now Carson Wentz has to undergo surgery that leads to a long break.

Indianapolis Colts can't help right now: Quarterback Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts Can’t Help Right Now: Quarterback Carson Wentz.
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Injuries are paving his way in the NFL, including in Indianapolis: Carson Wentz simply didn’t come to a green branch after his time with the Philadelphia Eagles, finishing second in the first draft round as a longtime beacon of hope in 2016. While doing a popular exercise Wentz felt pain in his foot during a practice session with his new Colts teammates on Thursday. At first, both the players and the officials chose the conservative method of treatment without surgery.

After much delay, the parties decided on an intervention that would result in a break of five to twelve weeks. Wentz is definitely missing for the NFL team from Indy at the start of the season — and possibly longer. A broken bone in the foot is believed to be the exact cause of the 28-year-old’s recurrent pain. This must now finally be clarified for the next intervention.

The worm is inside

However, this is another big setback for the North Carolina rally man. Especially since his strong 2017 regular season, when the playmaker showed impressive performances, 33 touchdowns plus 3,296 yards from space and with the Eagles easily making it to the playoffs, the worm was in it. As a result, the remainder was missed due to a cruciate ligament tear, and substitute Nick Foles won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. After Wentz’s return, there was a stress fracture of the spine and, above all, an expensive Philadelphia contract extension until 2024 was no longer profitable because the services weren’t right. After 50 sacks and a lot of very disparate performances in 2020/21 (only 16 touchdowns with 15 interceptions and six fumbles), rookie Galen Hurts was put before a quarterback – and finally said goodbye to the Eagles toward Indianapolis without the best impressions.

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And now, the ponies?

Meanwhile, Wentz (4,458 shots in the NFL in six years) likely caused red hot wires in the Colts’ offices with his recent injury. Because behind the potential successor to big names like Peyton Manning, Andrew Lack (a sudden career end) and more recently Philip Rivers, there is little experience left on the current roster. Substitute quarterback Brett Hundley has only 668 shots in seven years of the NFL, talents Jacob Eason, Sam Ellinger and Jalen Morton have not caught, thrown or carried a ball in an NFL game. So it’s very likely that the chiefs at Indy (have to) take action again before the start of the season in conjunction with head coach Frank Reich’s ideas.


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