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The German national football team also finished the second endurance test in the Nations League against England with a draw.

Noir: blocking the gap against Saka (45+1). Strong save against Mount (52) and Kane (76). Unable to kick the penalty.

Klostermann: He closed the right wing first against Saka and then against Sterling. Recommended as a diameter option.

Rüdiger: The Minister of Defense cleared everything. Point winner against England striker Kane in the Premier League greats duel.

Schlutterbeek: Again, the unlucky penalty kick, just before the end. He undermines a lot of risk balls and rushing passes.

Space: On the left hand side with many vital developments. Hoffenheim is the frontrunner for the World Cup in this position.

Kimmich: It is often restricted to headquarters by the English. But she is reliable as always and with great help from Hoffmann.

Gundogan: Mr. Possession. Repeat the German match against his fellow Premier League with a large radius of movement over and over again.

Hoffman: I collected a lot of World Cup points – not just with the opening goal. He tore a lot of holes in England’s defense due to the great running distances.

Mueller: The caller. He often spoke to Flick on the sidelines and gave orders. England goalkeeper Pickford (70) denied him a goal.

Musiala: Employed England’s entire defense with his brilliant dribbles. Go out after a good hour with a standing ovation.

Havertz: As a striker, he was always looking for free space, he lacked wealth. In the middle of the field with more connection to the game.

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Gnabry: He replaced Hoffmann in the middle of the second half. No major accents can be set in the home yard.

Werner: He came after a good hour and moved into the center of the storm for Havertz. He failed in his best chance with Pickford (75th place).

Goretzka: In the last quarter of the hour, the Munich player was asked to provide more security at the headquarters next to Kimich.

Sani: She came in the last few minutes. Play very quickly in a promising counterattack. (dpa)


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