CDU deputies may have lobbied for Munich in Ukraine

Debt estimated at around 1 billion euros: Several politicians in the CDU of Ukraine may have campaigned for the Munich-based company Varex. The country owes its business several million euros.

It is said that many CDU officials have tried in Ukraine Collection of old debts of the Munich company. This was reported by “Spiegel”. This stems from the federal government’s response to a request from Bundestag Manuel Sarrazin of the Green Party. Accordingly, the representatives of the company “Varex” were a total of four times in 2020 together with the CDU members of the Bundestag and Parliamentary Ministers of State Thomas Barrick and Marco Wandrowitz together. Also Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier You should have opened the case.

In February 2020, the Ukrainian government’s Ministry of Economic Affairs hosted a “delegation headed by members of the Christian Democratic Union in the Bundestag.” Christian von Stetten friendship. Joachim PfeifferThe goal, then, was to address the Varex case in the President’s Office. In addition, there should have been talks between von Stetten, Varex and representatives of Ukraine in the Chancellery.

billion euro debt

Varex sold Siemens medical technology to Ukraine as an intermediary in the early 1990s. The company says Ukraine owed the equivalent of 40 million euros at the time. Including twelve percent interest per annum, this results in a total claim of over €1 billion to this day.

Fariks’ lawyer told the magazine that there were no payments to the president, his family, or any other Ukrainian politician. The allegations of corruption are “a transparent maneuver by the Ukrainian government to defend against justified and substantiated allegations”. The then Ukrainian president also denied the allegations, and the actions that had been conducted at that time were discontinued.

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von Stetten: “I didn’t get any financial or any other interest”

Von Stetten is said to have permitted the trip to Kiev and the meeting at the Chancellery, but denied any other payments or benefits. Fellow party member Pfeiffer said he does not even plan to travel to Kiev.

The Federal Ministry of Economics has not yet wanted to comment on the content of discussions between Parliamentary Ministers of State and Varex representatives. who – which Federal Chancellery It is said that he only made rooms available for conversations. It is not clear whether Chancellor Merkel took part in the talks.


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