“Hard to win”
Take the ABBA floor privately

ABBA’s comeback is exciting music fans around the world. But all four members of the team are excited about their return. They have now made themselves known to their followers in personal statements.

The Swedish cult group ABBA has finally returned. After a gap of 40 years, following the announcement that the new album “Voyage” will be released on November 5th, four band members Agneta Faltscock, Bjorn Ulvais, Benny Anderson and Annie-Fried Lingstad have made personal statements about their new project. Instagram off.

Agneta tells the singers that at first she did not know what to expect in the studio. However, it was a very friendly and safe environment and she had a lot of fun. “I can not believe the moment has finally come to share this with the world,” the 71-year-old said.

Her co-worker Frida also talks about the fun she experienced while working with ABBA. They were so happy to be active again with the band. “I’m so glad we did,” the 75-year-old explains. She hopes the fans will feel the same way about her.

“Completely submerged”

Songwriter Penny is particularly interested in the two singers: “I think it’s hard to beat listening to Frida and Agneta sing again,” the 74-year-old explains. Bizarre, who is two years older than him, blows the same horn: “Both are fantastic singers, and I’m completely immersed in the way they performed the songs.”

ABBA is considered one of the most successful bands in pop history. His biggest hits were “Waterloo”, “Mamma Mia” and “Dancing Queen”. Their last studio album, “The Visitors”, was released in 1981. A year later, the Swedes officially took a “break”. The group has never been openly divided.

For nearly four decades, fans have been in vain expecting all four to return. On Thursday the band released two new songs, which will be followed by the full album “Voyage”. ABBA opens a show of the same name in London, in which the band’s biggest hits are to be presented on a stage using holograms.

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