Trump failed in the Supreme Court - hundreds of documents released

Donald Trump fought in court to keep documents related to the attack on Congress sealed. Now, the former US president has suffered a clear defeat in the Supreme Court.

Former US President Donald Trump has suffered a defeat in front of the Supreme Court in a dispute over the release of documents related to the storming of the Capitol Building. the Supreme court On Wednesday evening (local time), she rejected, by a majority of eight of the nine justices, an emergency request from Trump to block the handing over of documents stored in the National Archives to a parliamentary inquiry.

The committee is investigating the storming of Congress a year ago. After an inflammatory speech by Trump, his supporters stormed the US Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021 to prevent Biden’s election victory from being confirmed. The attack killed five people and wounded dozens. The attack on the heart of American democracy shook the country.

The committee spoke of “a victory for the rule of law and American democracy.” She said the commission had already received the first documents that the former president had hoped to conceal. The documents consist of more than 700 pages of information, including the handwritten notes of former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows.

More than 700 pages of information have been released

Trump has invoked the so-called executive privilege in court. It is the president’s authority to keep certain information confidential. However, a federal court ordered that the documents be released to the House committee. The court said the executive privilege exists to protect the government and not the person who is no longer president. She said in November that the franchise does not exist “all the time”.

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President Joe Biden agreed that the National Archives would release the information to the committee. The committee plans to complete its investigation before the November congressional elections.


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