Old tweet from Oliver Kahn: Irony is a delusion for the Bayern Munich manager

mention – After Bayern were eliminated in the second round of the DFB Cup last season (5-6 A. E against Holsten Kiel), the second round was the end of the record for cup winners.

And what a defeat, Bayern Munich suffered an embarrassing 5-0 defeat to Borussia Minchengladbach. Rarely, in the past few weeks and months, you haven’t seen much of a Bayern side from this role. Every player – with the exception of deserted Manuel Neuer – had a ‘busy day’, as ARD expert and former player Bastian Schweinsteiger summed it up after the match.

Bayern couldn't believe their performances in Mönchengladbach themselves.

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After the applause against Gladbach: a mockery of Bayern Munich

In light of this performance and early retirement, it wasn’t long before they were ridiculed and ridiculed – especially on social media, Fuball-Deutschland was entertained by the gossip of German record and serial heroes. Bayern coach Oliver Kahn did not deliver either – and the reason for this was not a recent post-match statement, but an old tweet he posted last May.

Specifically, it was about a congratulatory tweet for Borussia Dortmund, who beat RB Leipzig 4-1 in the cup final on May 13, 2021. “Congratulations to BVB on winning the DFB Cup!” He wrote at that time. Moreover: “Enjoy the moment, next season we will never make it this easy again.” In addition, he posted a cheeky smile.

Twitter users make fun of Kan’s statement

After the bankruptcy at Borussia Park on Wednesday night, a number of new comments were quickly found under Kahn’s old tweet. One user sarcastically says, for example: “I’m glad you didn’t make it easy for us this time… 5-0 was definitely not easy…”. A Dutch Eredivisie fan commented on Kahn’s statement as follows: “Well, you didn’t make it really difficult for us in the cup this time. I don’t know if we’ll get that, but you won’t fail.” Another user so realistically comments: “I grew up like a glass of milk in the hot sun!”

Thus, Bayern came out of the cup again. It remains to be seen if Khan will allow himself to be drawn into such a tweet again on May 21, 2022. Then the cup final will take place at the Berlin Olympic Stadium – certainly without the record holder’s participation.


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