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Psoriasis appears as red patches on the skin covered with white scales. Read in STYLEBOOK what helps against the development of skin changes and what options people have to mask the symptoms of psoriasis.

When someone suffers from psoriasis, it does not remain a secret for long. This finding is particularly evident with visibly red areas on the body covered with flakes of skin. The disease is very difficult for many sufferers – they are ashamed and afraid of their own disgust.

Celebrities with psoriasis can also be found in almost all areas of public life. Model Cara Delevingne shows you can make a Vogue cover despite your psoriasis. Other celebrities with psoriasis include reality star Kim Kardashian, German rapper Seydoux, American singer Leanne Rhimes and actor Skye du Mont.

The bad news first: Psoriasis can’t be cured. However, there are ways to control the usual relapses of the disease and to relieve and mask the symptoms a little. STYLEBOOK Speak to a dermatologist about the details.

Psoriasis: causes and symptoms

Psoriasis (technical term: psoriasis vulgaris, otherwise known as psoriasis for short) is an autoimmune disease. A genetic predisposition has always been present in sufferers; It usually erupts either during puberty or around the age of 40. The disease usually occurs in episodes, often caused by mental or physical stress. This also includes, for example, infectious diseases.

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Those affected primarily have skin changes: flat red patches covered with silvery-white skin scales. The background is the excessive production of new skin cells – putative regeneration processes that are caused not by any infections in psoriasis, but by pro-inflammatory messengers.

Elbow psoriasis
When first diagnosed, psoriasis usually appears on the elbowsPhoto: iStock / helivideo

The first place the skin changes appear are the elbows. Then more parts can be added on the arms and legs. The distinguishing areas are still the scalp, buttocks, and the skin in the navel area.

Hands can also indicate psoriasis. Doctors pay attention to the brown discoloration, the so-called “oil spots” and grooves on the fingernails.

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Treatment of Psoriasis

“In many cases, patients just think they have psoriasis,” said dermatologist Dr. Medical Doctor Timm Golüke, “But it’s really a different skin disease.” Therefore, targeted treatment of psoriasis should be preceded by a visit to the dermatology clinic.


To treat dandruff locally, you need prescription creams containing vitamin D. According to Dr. Golüke so-called biologics, that is, technically produced immunotherapies, aimed at suppressing inflammatory processes in the body are briefly described above.

There are no beauty treatments that help

Many sufferers hope that special cosmetic treatments will help relieve their symptoms or make them invisible. But unfortunately there is no such thing. On the contrary: Various treatments can trigger flare-ups of psoriasis. It is therefore highly recommended that you discuss any requests you are considering with your esthetician beforehand with your doctor.

relaxation measures

Psoriasis patients should try to avoid stress as much as possible. Easier said than done of course, but it’s important nonetheless. Seizures rarely occur on a relaxing vacation, especially when you are in a sunny place with access to the sea. This tried-and-tested combination — salt baths and UV rays — can be imitated in so-called saline therapy, which is now covered by health insurance companies.


For single psoriasis foci, that is, areas that are repeatedly affected, there is the possibility of laser therapy. However, this type of treatment is not suitable for large areas. It’s also expensive (and not covered by health insurance).

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Tips to hide psoriasis

Spots and bumps on nails can be hidden with nail polish or a professional manicure. Makeup only helps hide the skin changes caused by psoriasis. In the pharmacy you will find special skin-friendly products that also have a special opacity. High points cannot be magically removed completely, but they can be pushed into the background at least visually.

Important: Oil the skin well before applying make-up. This will ensure that it is as smooth as possible so that the product can be applied as evenly as possible. If the skin is very dry and flaky, then makeup will be noticeable. Using a fixing spray, make sure the masking maneuver lasts as long as possible.

With professional advice Dr. Tim Gullocka specialist in dermatology from Munich.


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