Home entertainment The Voice of Germany (Saturday 1 / ProSieben): Two nominees leave the show

The Voice of Germany (Saturday 1 / ProSieben): Two nominees leave the show

The Voice of Germany (Saturday 1 / ProSieben): Two nominees leave the show
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from: Jennifer Kon

Voice of Germany coaches: Marc Forster, Nico Santos, Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding © SAT.1 / ProSieben / Claudius Pflug

It is a shock for fans of the “Voice of Germany” program. Two of the candidates are leaving the show. The reason for this is a musical violation of the rule.

BERLIN – This news came unexpectedly and shocked some TV viewers and fans of the “Voice of Germany” program on Sunday evening (November 28). Two nominees are leaving the hit music show: Anton and Anwar. But what happened? TVOG has published an official statement and an update on the nominees on their Instagram account.

“The Voice of Germany” (Saturday 1 / ProSieben): Anton and Anwar leave the music show

As stated in the statement, Anton is leaving “Voice of Germany” for personal reasons and has stated that he does not want to continue. He announced this himself a few days ago. With candidate Anouar, things are different: “And with Anouar, SAT.1, ProSieben and production company #TheVoice Bildergarten decided he was not allowed to compete today. We have to knock Anouar out of the competition. Why? : Justice and Respectful Interaction. The two musicians were on Sarah Connor’s team. “We wish both of them all the best in the world for their future,” the public statement read.

“Voice of Germany” (Saturday 1 / ProSieben): This is how TV viewers reacted to the candidates’ withdrawal

While posting, many TV viewers shared their opinions with us as fans of the show. One user wrote: “People, calm down. The production company doesn’t fire someone just because they put a piece of gum under the table. There’s more to it, if it leads to the decision to take them home, that should be accepted.” It is not yet known what “The Voice” candidate Anwar convicts.

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