Home Tech The publisher promotes the desire to play in order to earn blockchain games

The publisher promotes the desire to play in order to earn blockchain games

The publisher promotes the desire to play in order to earn blockchain games

The Japanese company Square Enix was one of the first major publishers to express an interest in NFT or blockchain technology a few months ago. In a recent interview, company president Yosuke Matsuda confirmed the desire to implement such projects.

As part of his New Year’s address, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda spoke for the first time about NFTs, or blockchain technology itself, in the hope of a major new trend that Square Enix could also benefit from. Among other things, its cryptocurrency, Matsuda explained in early January.

While many developers and publishers have recently distanced themselves from their NFT plans due to player criticism, Square Enix’s decision-makers remain convinced of the technology. Matsuda pointed this out in a recent interview with Yahoo Japan, noting that traditional games are simply no longer enough to protect a video game company in the future.

Square Enix is ​​particularly interested in so-called “play to win” blockchain games. Here, for example, players can create new content that can then be purchased with Square Enix’s cryptocurrency. The fact that part of the corresponding revenue will go to the pockets of Square Enix certainly does not have to be mentioned separately.

Games should evolve thanks to the creativity of the community

According to Matsuda, Square Enix will focus on providing “independent game content” in the future. In this regard, the head of Square Enix added that his company has so far published content in the form of finished games. However, it has been proven in the past that there are creative players who want to help make games more exciting by creating new content or even completely new ways to play the title. In the future, Square Enix would like to take advantage of this community creativity to develop games further in the long run.

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“In the future, we want to harness the power of these people to create games that will evolve,” Matsuda continued. “If, instead of being well-meaning, we can motivate those who contribute to development through the use of technologies such as blockchain, there is a possibility that innovative and interesting content will emerge from users’ ideas.”

Matsuda left open when the first projects from Square Enix that will benefit from blockchain and similar technologies can be expected.

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