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Microsoft announces FidelityFX support for Xbox Series X, S, and One consoles

From Maurice Ribling
Microsoft has announced support for FidelityFX Super Resolution for its Xbox consoles. Initially, the feature will be distributed as a preview to development kits and will not only be supported by Xbox Series X and Series S, but also on Xbox One consoles.

After AMD recently provided its own answer to Nvidia’s DLSS in the form of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) and initially announced it for all current RDNA-based graphics cards as well as the previous Polaris mid-tier, it was fairly clear that the technology was earlier or Later also ends with current consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X or Series S both have RDNA-based graphics units and can support FidelityFX Super Resolution accordingly. At least in the case of the new Xbox consoles, there is now a definitive answer. There, FSR is initially available as a preview for development kits, now confirmed by Jason Ronald, Xbox Program Manager. But not only does the current generation of consoles benefit from FSR, older Xbox One consoles are also being considered.

The fact that implementation of the feature is ultimately left up to the developers and means additional work for them is questionable, however, whether the effort will be made to rely on FSR for Xbox One versions for the remaining crossover versions at all.

Since this is still a preview feature at the moment, it will take some time for FidelityFX Super Resolution to be widely rolled out on the Microsoft platform. The first Xbox games with FSR could be released as early as Christmas, but that console owners may have to wait until 2022 for now.

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The Verge, the new console feature for the Xbox platform Messages, they said they asked AMD about FSR support from Playstation 5, but there was no answer. However, with no support for VRR and 1440p on the current console, Sony has completely different build sites to take care of.

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