Home entertainment The mountain is calling: Beatrice Egli climbs the Matterhorn

The mountain is calling: Beatrice Egli climbs the Matterhorn

The mountain is calling: Beatrice Egli climbs the Matterhorn

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Beatrice Egli Climbing the Matterhorn

I decided to do it months ago. Now Beatrice Egli is serious. The pop singer set out to climb the Matterhorn. To do this, she has to overcome a height of 4478 meters. But first of all it slows down.

The Matterhorn is not just a Bilibaly hill that you can climb in no time at all. With a height of 4,478 meters, it is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. More than 500 people are said to have died trying to climb. Even today people are killed every year during the ascent.

Although it is located on the Swiss and Italian national territory, the Matterhorn is primarily a landmark of the Confederation. Beatrice Egli, who was born in Lachen in the canton of Schwyz, has apparently become second nature. The pop singer and winner of the 2013 “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” award decided to conquer the famous mountain.

It’s no secret that Egli loves to hike. On her Instagram page, she loves to take her fans with her on tours through the Swiss mountain landscape. The long-running single, which has nothing to do with Tinder and Co, recently revealed that she hopes to meet the Prince of Dreams while out walking an interview. “I can imagine meeting a great man in nature,” says Egli.

Perhaps “Mr. Wright” is waiting for the 33-year-old atop the Matterhorn. Egli had already announced on March 8, International Women’s Day, that it was no longer enough for her to just take a leisurely stroll in the area, but she had set herself higher goals. In fact, their Matterhorn mission is part of a larger project in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism. “The goal of this challenge is for women to climb all the 4,000-meter peaks in Switzerland this year. I too have decided to be part of this adventure,” Egli explained on social media.

I’ve trained hard ever since. “For the first time in my life I have a six-pack, I’ve trained better than ever,” she revealed a few days ago in an interview with Schweizer Illustrator. Now Egli has really started on her adventure, as she revealed on Instagram. But instead of rushing to the top, she now has to be patient. “This is very difficult for me. But on me now, because the mountain and nature have their own laws that we must keep in mind. There is so much snow on the Matterhorn that the climb planned for tomorrow is not done for safety reasons, now is the time to wait for better weather Hold on, keep training, until you are more enthusiastic and persistent,” explains Egli.

You can see the singer smiling for the camera at full speed, with his weather jacket, hat, sunglasses and backpack on. In the meantime, a second image shows what awaits Egli: the summit of the Matterhorn, which we hope you will soon climb safely and soundly.

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