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After Supertalent-Aus: Bruce Darnell Gets His Own TV Show

Bruce Darnell lost his job at “Das Supertalent” (RTL) this season. However, the television audience does not have to do without it.

Dortmund – For almost ten years Bruce Darnell (64) has been alongside Dieter Bohlen (67) the face of the talent show “Das Supertalent” on RTL. However, neither he nor the currently self-proclaimed pop giant nor part of the jury – the show has been restructured and is currently in the low stake. Soon Darnell can be seen on TV again.

Noun Bruce Darnell
Boy July 19, 1957 (age 64), Colorado, United States
size 1.89 meters

Bruce Darnell gets his own show in Pro Sieben: Return after 15 years

However, not with his previous flagship RTL, but with Pro Sieben. And so the model mediator and coach goes back to his roots. Because his TV career in Germany started more than 15 years ago with the broadcasting group.

In the early seasons of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (Pro Sieben), Darnell quickly became a fan favorite. His motivational slogan is “The handbag should be alive” and many people still associate with him today (read more celebrity news at RUHR24).

Bruce Darnell will be back on TV soon: ‘Surpise’ to air from December

Now Darnell is supposed to run his own show at Pro Sieben. On “Surprise! The Bruce Darnell Show,” he’ll surprise couples, friends, and families starting December 2nd every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. “After 14 years back home in ProSieben, it’s going to be magical,” Darnell said in a Pro Sieben press release. “I am really looking forward to my first new show and doing something good. A new big challenge.”

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Bruce Darnell receives support for his show from presenter Viviane Geppert (30 years old) and several surprise guests. The show Darnell is “a big surprise, it’s going to be emotional, warm, exciting and funny.”

Darnell isn’t the only favorite viewer who will be seen a lot on TV in the future. Comedy legend Hape Kerkeling (56) also returned at the start of the year. He will once again host his own show on RTL in late fall 2021.

List of assessment checklists: © Joerg Sarbach / Henning Kaiser / dpa; Collage: RUHR24


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