Home entertainment The Kardashian Breakup: Tristan Declares Love To His Ex Khloé

The Kardashian Breakup: Tristan Declares Love To His Ex Khloé

The Kardashian Breakup: Tristan Declares Love To His Ex Khloé

Never get bored with either of them…

Khloe Kardashian, 37, and Tristan Thompson, 30, were a couple, then never again, then got back together and then broke up again. And now this: Tristan still loves his hive!

This was announced today on Insta on the occasion of her birthday.

He writes of three pictures of them: “Happy Birthday Chloe. Thank you for not only being such a wonderful partner, mother and best friend, but also for being the kindest, most caring and loving person I have ever met. Your love and energy are infectious to everyone who knows you. Thank you for always being by my side and for prioritizing our family I love you so much. Have a nice day.”

Then there are two heart-shaped emojis for the birthday boy.

This post doesn’t look like a breakup. And you can’t rule out the possibility that they won’t be back together after all. But from the start:

▶ ︎ After marrying basketball player Lamar Odom – divorcing in 2016 – Khloe met NBA star Tristan Thompson. The two became parents to Little True in April 2018.

And even before that, the basketball player began cheating on the Kardashian sister. Thompson was accused in 2018 of spending the night with a model on Instagram named Lani Blair – while Khloé was still pregnant with True.

▶ ︎ In 2019, he was said to have had a great time with then-best friend of Chloe’s little sister Kylie. This deal with Jordyn Woods was also announced. This was followed by the first chapter.

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In 2020, they met again. He wanted to try again. But the basketball player could not keep his hands from other women.

After model Sydney Chase claimed on Instagram in an interview that she met Thompson in the fall, the following breakup ensued…

And a week before Chloe’s next hit: Tristan reportedly disappeared into a room with three women at a birthday party in Bel Air and came out again a little less than half an hour later, completely disheveled. Bitter: The day before he was still eating with Khloé and True.

Will Khloe forgive him again after declaring love on Instagram? It can’t be ruled out with either of them!


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