Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts (80) Canceled From US Tour - Drummer Breaks After Emergency Surgery - Music

On September 26, the Rolling Stones will continue their “unfiltered” tour with 13 shows in the US – but not with the full original set: drum legend Charlie Watts (80) is about to miss the tour after a serious medical procedure.

A spokesman for Watts declared the intervention was “absolutely successful”. But Watts needs time to recover. It is not known why the drummer underwent surgery. English newspaperthe sunShe reported that during a routine examination in a London hospital, abnormalities were discovered that made surgery necessary.

The spokesperson continued: “This is of course very disappointing, training will start in a few weeks. Watts announced that he did not want his recovery process to delay the tour process. “After all the suffering that Covid has caused to the fans, I don’t want them to be disappointed again with another postponement or even a cancellation.”

Watts continues: “My timing was wrong for once. I am working hard to get back in shape again. But today, on the advice of experts, I accepted that it might take a while.” In 2004, Watts won the battle against throat cancer.

The US tour begins in St. Louis; Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas are also included. Watts on drums was replaced by Steve Jordan (64). Jordan has been playing guitarist Keith Richards (77) on his side project The X-Pensive Winos for years.

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Jordan stated, “It is an absolute honor and privilege to be serving as Charlie’s replacement. I look forward to rehearsing with Mick, Keith and Ronnie. But no one will be happier than me to clean poo again when Charlie tells me he’s back.”


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