New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing a criminal case after he was found guilty of sexually harassing several women at an official trial. At least four regional attorneys’ offices in New York State, Manhattan, Westchester County, NASA County and Albany County have asked Attorney General Lydia James for evidence Wednesday.

Earlier, an investigation led by Attorney General James found that Cumo had sexually harassed former and current staff of state officials. Among other things, there were unwanted touches, kisses, hugs and inappropriate comments. In addition, the governor, who has been in office since 2011, has created a “hostile work environment” and an “environment of fear” for women, according to a 168-page investigation report released Tuesday.

Carl Heisty, chairman of the New York House of Representatives, had announced a speedy indictment against Cuomo. According to experts, it will take several weeks to start.

Several prominent politicians from both parties have called for Cuomo’s resignation, including US President Joe Biden, who is considered a longtime friend of the New York Democrats. Cuomo denied the allegations via video message and initially did not resign.

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