What the dog does at the same time melts hearts

Georgia (USA) – What does it mean! My mom Paloma recently pulled out all the stops to cheat on her golden retriever. In addition, the American from Georgia read to the poor dog A fake email with all the buzzwords a male likes so much. Since she filmed her pranks, millions of TikTok users have been able to watch Paloma’s nasty scene over the past month. Since then, Male Ollie has been melting hearts with his responses.

Ollie the Golden Retriever can’t believe his luck. Is his lover Paloma reading all the great things about to happen? © TikTok / screenshot / Goldenbearollie

In the clip (see below) you can see people and animals sitting in front of the notebook. Paloma whispers to her “victim”: “Well, this email asks if you want to go out later to play with frisbee and ball.” Then you use other golden retriever favorite words like: water, treat or mister.

While the young woman was lying to her four-legged friend, he was shaking his head back and forth excitedly. It seems that his mistress wants to fulfill all his desires at once. But at some point, Ollie realizes that she is only joking with him. Then he jumps into Paloma.

The clip was well received by the TikTok audience. Not many were stingy with the heart emoji. On the one hand, because of the dog’s sweet appearance, on the other hand, because he was very deceived.


TikTok video with Golden Retriever Ollie touches a lot

Disappointed: Male Ollie was so brazenly cheated. © TikTok / screenshot / Goldenbearollie

“I saw another user doing this and I got inspired by it because Ollie recognizes a lot of words,” Paloma shared in an interview this week. Newsweek to.

The furry friend told an American magazine, “I chose the words Ollie knows well because he is obsessed with meanings.”

The mistress could have been a little more sensitive though. Because she must have caused so much frustration with her friend on all four paws.

Golden Retriever comes dirty from play and sits on the white carpet: Then the dog has an idea

After all, thanks to her timid notion, Paloma can look forward to more than 8.7 million clicks. But she should not repeat this betrayal.

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